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Feb 26, 2013 12:00pm EST
the day. >> in the midst of this historic change at the vatican, we know what pope benedict xvi will be called once he steps down. he will be known as the emeritus pope,.. he will continue to wear white. many have wondered what he would be called and what he would wear since this is the first time in 600 years at a pope has resigned. >> who says cheerleading is just for girls? our john gonzales kicks up pom- poms and joins the pros for the redskins. >> 7 is on your side to break down the numbers and show you why cars are more affordable in the d.c. region. >> the state is set for the latest "dancing with the stars ." >> you're watching abc 7 at noon. on your side. >> the new his conduct since -- contestants happening for the seasons "dancing with the stars ." >> this seasons "dancing with the stars " contestants include actor andy dick and communityedy d.l. huhgghley. >> i am excited. >> gold-medal figure skater dorothy hamill will take the dance floor. one expert and our area things another olympian has a better shot at winning. >> my pick right now is aly. >> she is a dance teacher
Feb 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
historic change brought on by pope benedict's departure, there are even more changes when it comes to naming his replacement. he has agreed to modify a longstanding vatican law. now this report. >> a day after he appeared out his window for the final time he tried to insure a church besieged by scandal that it will not stay without a leader for long. the chains the rules for the next conclave. and all scan now elect a new pope immediately after his resignation. vatican insiders say it's not a moment too soon. they're fighting claims he stepped down because of stories of gay priests and blackmail contained in a confidential dossier. he decreed that only the next pope can see the dossier meaning it may remain secret forever. >> most of these whispers are not true. >> a british cardinal keith o'brien is known for outspoken views against thomas sexuality. >> many priests have find it's very difficult to cope with same-sex marriage. >> there's a report that he made unwanted sexual advances and now he's resigned. cardinal roger mahony in los angeles is accused of concealing the crimes of a
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
killing was accidental when he thought someone broke into a home. >> as pope benedict xvi prepares to step down there is new buzz that a colonel from boston could be considered to take his place. parnell o'malley's name is coming up and speculation the cardinal o'malley's name is coming up. right now there is no clear favorite among the college of cardinals. o'malley has been one of the most vocal bishops apologizing for the catholic church sex abuse crisis, as well as reaching out to victims. >> changes in the works -- office depot is buying its arrival office max. it will be an all stock deal worth about $1.2 billion. the company has not said yet whether it means staff cuts or store closings or big whether all the stores will operate under the same name. but analysts say the merger is an attempt for the two companies to better compete with staples. >> 7 is on your side with a new study about retirement savings. a study commissioned by hsbc bank found more of that -- finds more than half of the working population not properly preparing for retirement. nearly one out of five worker
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm EST
? >> thank you so much. a change for pope benedict the 16th as he becomes the first pope in centuries to retire. he said it required strength of mind and body that he did not have any longer. the vatican expects a new pope will be named. pope benedict has broken a taboo -- a taboo. there is another major change in this afternoon. u.s. troops of afghanistan -- word is coming out that the president is planning on bringing 34,000 troops home. this is just one of the many things president obama is set to discuss in his state of the union address tonight. to talk about that is politico and deter phil ewing. >> it is the biggest story for the pentagon and industry here in the washington area. he is going to talk mostly about domestic issues. immigration, gun rights, and focus on those types of things as opposed to the more international security. >> what is the challenge for him in trying to get these two parties to coalesce what we continue to criticize congress for being inactive. how would he do that? but he has to appeal to things he knows republicans will do. he probably cannot get a g
Feb 22, 2013 12:00pm EST
already one tangible sign of pope benedict xvi upcoming departure. his twitter account is on its final leg. the account will put out its last official tweet on february 27 the day before the pope resigned. when it officially closes on february 28, i will leave behind some 2 million online followers. -- it will leave behind some 2 million on my flowers. -- online followers. we go back to those who knew her when she attended gw. and what one man is willing to do to see manned mission to mars. and we're expecting a wintry mix headin >> you are watching abc7 news at noon on your side. >> welcome back. adam is joining us. the already getting a little bit of activity. >> just outside our window here. we're looking at snow grains and sleet. they bounce a lot on contact. that is the difference between snow grains and sleet. >> the kind of look like what comes out of a beanbag chair. >> yes, and they doubt somewhat. -- and they bounce balad. we will not see that much in terms of sleet or snow. made -- may be minor accumulation. here's a closer look northwest of d.c. the areas of peanut indicate som
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5